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First pictures of the Horse Chestnut miner (Cameraria ohridella).

This was found for the first time last year (2002) in a South London suburb (Wimbledon). It was first found in 1985 near Lake Ohrid in Macedonia. It has since spread extremely rapidly through Europe.

It even has it's own web site: 

The mines are very distinctive and one side of the leaf is 'blistered' as shown here. Take care that you do not confuse this mine with the fungus which affects Horse Chestnut - the areas affected are red also, but with a yellow edge.

During 2003 the miner has spread through South London and the mines shown were collected on 15th October 2003 by Colin Plant and Rachel Terry in Greenford,  Middlesex. It has also been discovered in North Oxford in 2003. It has also spread to Tonbridge, Kent, where mines were reported by Keith Palmer on 18th September.

It is expected to spread rapidly in this country - certainly a miner to look out for.

Image:© Colin Plant



Sept 2003: New Leaf mine book published. Csóka, G (2003) Leaf Mines and Leaf Miners. This is a photographic guide to a selection of leaf miners of all orders, along with accompanying brief text. It is in Hungarian, but has an English translation

Sept 2003: Newsletter of the National Leaf Mining Lepidoptera Scheme is published. It includes details of the two new miners to Britain, mentioned below.

The top 20 miners from this scheme in terms of the most 10km square records are:

Taxon 10km records
Stigmella aurella 705
Caloptilia syringella 541
Lyonetia clerkella 500
Parornix anglicella 498
Phyllonorycter oxyacanthae 461
Eriocrania subpurpurella 457
Phyllonorycter maestingella 455
Emmetia marginea 444
Elachista argentella 423
Phyllonorycter coryli 400
Caloptilia stigmatella 391
Stigmella tityrella 383
Stigmella hybnerella 383
Stigmella salicis 382
Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella 371
Phyllonorycter messaniella 370
Stigmella plagicolella 367
Stigmella floslactella 363
Phyllonorycter quercifoliella 354
Stigmella microtheriella 354

Detail of this scheme are available from Martin Ellis

Ectoedemia heringella: A British first - found in the gardens of Kensington Palace!

Martin Honey discovered this leaf miner in the grounds of the Natural History Museum last year (2002) feeding on Quercus ilex (Evergreen Oak).

John Langmaid has collected these mines and Ian Thirlwell has photographed them:

It is found in several localities in Greater London.

Martin Honey would be very interested to see if it occurs elsewhere in the UK and to track its spread in Britain.

Its Bradley number will be 36a.

More pictures are available on this web site.

Image:© Ian Thirlwell

British Plant Gall Society 

They arrange an active programme of meetings, which includes leaf miners. Click on this link to view their 2003 meetings programme. They are also in the links section of this site.