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Isochnus sequensi (Stierlin, 1894)
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dorsal view
ventral view


Food Plant: Salix (willow)

Mine: late Summer

Notes: Forms circular blotch mines on the upper surface of the leaf . There are two species in Britain and both are uncommon. I. foliorum has become very scare, though widely distributed, whereas I. sequensi, a recent colonist (?) seems to be spreading slowly, but recorded only from SE and E England. The life histories are not known in sufficient detail to identify these species either from the mine or larvae. The pupa is shown in dorsal (top photo) and ventral view (bottom photo). The beetle was bred through to confirm id.

Synonymy: I.populicola

Data: 12.ix.2007, Fleet, Hants, VC12

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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