European Hym:Tenthredinidae
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Pseudodineura clematidisrectae (Hering, 1924)
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blotch mines are formed from the leaf edge

Food Plant: Clematis recta (Erect Clematis)

Egg: at the edge of a leaf

Mine: May - June

Notes: The blotch mine starts at the edge of a leaf and the frass is prominent, when viewed from the underside. The larva is pale green, with a light brown head. The larva feeds with its dorsal side towards the upper leaf surface. Clematis recta is a typical plant of regions in Austria up to 500m elevation, with a warm climate.

Data: 19.v.2006, Fleet, Hants, VC12 ex.mine 15.v.2006, Langenlois - Krems, Austria, Ewald Altenhofer

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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