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49.197 Bactra robustana (Christoph, 1872)
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mines the leaves

Food Plant: Bolboschoenus spp.

Mine: August-June; ?July-August

Notes: Mines the leaves and stem. It can cause them to discolour and decay prematurely. The yellowish tips of leaves, which have retarded growth, can indicate the presence of this species. Found in coastal and estuarine salt marshes. Shown on Bolboschoenus maritimus (Sea Club-rush)

Bradley No: 1112

National Status: Nationally Scarce B

Data: 14.iv.2022, Moonfleet, Dorset, VC9

Image:© Jack Oughton

Bradley JD, Tremewan WG & Smith A (1979) - British Tortricoid Moths: Tortricidae:Olethrutinae
Langmaid JR, Palmer SM & Young MR (2018) - A Field Guide to the Smaller Moths of Great Britain and Ireland

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