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37.056 Coleophora serpylletorum Hering,1889
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leaf fragments added at an angle

Food Plant: Thymus drucei (wild thyme)

Egg: laid on a leaf

Mine: September -June

Notes: Mines the leaves, especially from the tips, then cuts them out and attaches them at an angle to the developing case. The mined leaf is intially white but then discolours to a dark brown. The case eventually consists of around five leaf pieces, added at an angle so they project outwards. Mined leaves which are not incorporated into the case turn a yellow-brown and this helps indicate the presence of this species. Found in Kent, Cornwall and North Wales on rocky ground and limestone near to the sea.

Bradley No: 542

National Status: pRDB1

Data: 21.v.2022, Kennack Sands, Cornwall, VC1

Image:© Jack Oughton

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