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16.013 Kessleria fasciapennella (Stainton, 1849)
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vacated mine


Food Plant: Parnassia palustris (Grass of Parnassus)

Egg: on the leaf petiole or at the base of a leaf

Mine: June-July

Notes: Initially mines a leaf. The upper surface mine is usually adjacent to the leaf margin and gently sinuous with irregularly scattered frass. a dead larva is shown in the mine. Occasionally the mines may widen to form small blotches. After the leaf is mined the larva feeds, in a web, on the rosette leaves and stem. This web is made at the base of the plant, amongst the leaf litter and moss.

Data: 24.vii.2014, Meall Mór, Glencoe, Argyll, Scotland, VC 98, Dr T. Prescott

Image:© R. J. Heckford

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