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19.001 Orthotelia sparganella (Thunberg, 1788)
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mines centrally in the leaf

Food Plant: Sparganium sp. (bur-reed), Iris spp., Glyceria maxima (reed sweet-grass) Elsewhere: Scirpus spp. (club-rush), Typha angustifolia (lesser bulrush)

Egg: laid on the stem

Mine: May-June

Notes: Mines the leaves and stem. Pupates usually low down within the stem. The larva constructs a small emergence hole, covered by the cuticle, prior to pupation and its presence can be detected by a small brown mark, Found where the foodplants grow especially around pond edges. Mine shown on Glyceria maxima (reed sweet-grass). The larva is just visible (as shown). The mine is central in the leaf and doesn't extend to the leaf tip, unlike that E.poae in this host.

Bradley No: 470

National Status: Local

Data: 25.iii.2022, Exeter, Devon, VC3

Image:© Jack Oughton

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