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blackthorn, plum & cherry (Prunus)
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Mine a gallery with coiled green frass [7+9-10] Stigmella prunetorum 109
Early gallery slender leading to a large blotch rounded with frass in centre [7+9-10] Stigmella plagicolella 67
Early gallery highly contorted, with reddish frass, continues as an irregular gallery leading to an elongated blotch [7-10] Ectoedemia spinosella 27
Mine a long sinuous gallery, often whitish in appearance and often crossing midrib. The egg is laid inside the leaf being injected through the epidermal layer. This feature helps to distinguish it from a Nepticulid mine where the egg is laid on the surface of the leaf
Lyonetia clerkella 263
1 On Bird Cherry (Prunus padus) [6-7+9-10] Phyllonorycter sorbi 324
  On other prunus species 2
2 On Wild Cherry (Prunus avium), Dwarf Cherry (Prunus cerasus) or cultivated cherry [7+9-4] Phyllonorycter cerasicolella 330
  On Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) or Wild Plum (prunus domestica)  3
3 Mine about 12mm long; lower epidermis green; larva mines throughout overwintering in the mine, pupating in the spring [7+9-4] Phyllonorycter spinicolella 329
  Mine small, about 8mm long; larva feeds later in a folded leaf edge 4
4 Larvae grey with black legs [6-7+8-10] Parornix finitimella 308
  Larva whitish green with green legs [7-9] Deltaornix torquillella 309
 Mine a short contorted gallery with black frass, larvae leaves the mine to construct a small white cocoon in which it overwinters [9-10].... Paraswammerdamia albicapitella 440

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