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brambles (Rubus)
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    Mine long frass linear or if dispersed occupying only one third of mine width, often on Dewberry [7+9-10] Stigmella splendidissimella 53
Mine whitish edges often with a little purple staining [5-6+7-8+10-3] Stigmella aurella 50
Mined area extensively stained purple straight following veins on evergreens [10-12] Ectoedemia erythrogenella 32
Mine contorted little if any purple confined to start usually on deciduous [10] Ectoedemia rubivora 31
Early mine narrow, often following a vein with broken linear frass, broadening later, frass becoming dispersed linear, clear margins throughout. Often several mines in a leaf. Scotland [9-11] Stigmella pretiosa 54a
Mine starts as a curved white gallery, which leads to a broader pale brown blotch. A
tunnel of silk runs through the centre of the mine. Frass is ejected through a slit in the upper epidermis [7+9-3]
Emmetia marginea 125

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