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hazel & hornbeam (Corylus & Carpinus)
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Eriocraniidae (May)
A blotch mine eating out all the parenchyma, frass black in long inter-twining threads,
late April to early June [4-6]
Eriocrania chrysolepidella 7
Mine highly contorted, staining leaf brown, leading to large blotch with early mine in
Corner [7-9]
Ectoedemia minimella 35
Early mine with greenish frass later irregular and wider than larvae. Egg always laid on the underside in a vein axil with the larva feeding dorsum upwards [6-7+9-10] Stigmella floslactella 75
Early mine with black linear frass tending to follow veins width of larvae. Egg laid on or near a vein, but not in the axil with the larva feeding ventral side up [6-7+9-11] Stigmella microtheriella 111

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