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pear (Pyrus)
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1 Mine gallery with dispersed frass leading to blotch [8-4] Ectoedemia atricollis 29
  Mine formed otherwise 2
2 Mine irregular usually with linear frass, though some slight coiling may be present, broader in second half, larva green [6-7+8-9] Stigmella minusculella 91
  Mine with dispersed or coiled frass in second half 3
3 Mine relatively straight, extending across the leaf; larvae green with yellowish gut [9-10] Stigmella oxyacanthella 100
  Mine strongly contorted and confined to a small area; larvae green with reddish gut
Stigmella pyri 101
Mine a brown circular blotch with the frass forming darker spiral markings in the centre. Egg laid well away from margin [8-9] Leucoptera malifoliella 260
Mine short contorted, linear black, close to a major vein. Later the larva eats out windows from upperside [7-8] Bucculatrix bechsteinella 275
1 Mine on upperside of leaf 2
  Mine on underside of leaf 3
2 Blister anywhere on upper surface of leaf, flecked with blackish frass [7+9-10] Phyllonorycter corylifoliella 332
  Blotch over midrib, silvery-white [7+10-4] Phyllonorycter leucographella 332a


Creased mine under leaf lower epidermis green [7+9-10] Phyllonorycter oxyacanthae 323
  Mine long 20mm to 30mm, narrow between two lateral ribs with many longitudinal creases puckering the leaf [7+9-11] Phyllonorycter mespilella 325


Mine short near midrib, brown, irregular with scalloped edges, very little frass in mine, autumn only, larva feeds externally after hibernation [8-10] Recurvaria nanella 757

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