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pine (Pinus)
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Yponomeutidae + 1x Gelechidae
Mine within the needle of Scots (P.sylvestris) or Lodgepole Pine (P.contorta) feeding from the base towards the tip [4-5]
Cedestis gysseleniella 442
  Mine within the needle of various species of Pine starting at the tip or near the tip feeding towards the base 2
2 Mine on Scots Pine or Larch (Larix decidua) with some internal spinning and a hole at each end through which most of the frass is ejected. Larva head black/brown, body pinkish brown, feeds externally after hibernation [9-5] Exoteleia dodecella 760
  Larvae otherwise 3
3 On various species of Pine; larva head brown, body greenish feeding December to April [12-4] Cedestis subfasciella 443
  On Scots Pine; larva yellowish, brown when young, head black 4
4 Larva feeding April to May; pupa in a cocoon between 3 or 4 needles spun together [3-4] Ocnerostoma piniariella 444
  Larva feeding December to March, June to July and occasionally September; pupa in a cocoon between 3 or 4 needles spun together [12-4+6-7+9 Ocnerostoma friesei 445
    N.B. It is impossible to distinguish between the larvae and mines of the two Ocnerostoma species, however the different feeding times may give some indication as to which species is present, but to be certain adults should be reared and dissected.

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