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sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa)
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Egg usually on upperside, mine long, contorted, frass in thin central line at beginning
of mine, widening, but leaving clear margins finishing with a fine central line, occasionally leading to a false blotch [6-7+9-10]
Stigmella samiatella 88
Mine a flat, whitish blotch on the top of a leaf, occasionally several mines can be found on one leaf. The mine is free of frass, which is ejected through a slit at the edge of the mine. The mine is lined with silk [9-4] Tischeria ekebladella 123
Mine a flat brownish blotch on top of a leaf with darker concentric rings on the upper
surface of the leaf. No frass in mine, which is ejected through a slit. The mine is lined with silk [9-4
Tischeria dodonaea 124
Mine on underside of leaf, often between two veins, sometimes causing the leaf to crease [3-4+7+10] Phyllonorycter messaniella 321

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