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mine key updates
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Date Update
06.ix.2021 New key uploaded
13.ii.2015 Sallows ands Willows key updated
29.xii.2013 Cowberry and Mountain Avens key updated
10,xi.2013 Birch key updated
24.x.2013 Pear key modified
29.x.2012 Birch, Oak and Rose key modified
06.viii.2012 Hawthorn key modified
01.i.2012 Expansion and modification of Birch keys; fat hen and Orache keys added
07.xi.2010 Additions to Oak key
23.viii.2010 Additions to Oak key
06.xii.2009 Additions to Oak key
09.x.2007 Additions to Beech key, Oak and Elm key; added Nepticulidae to Hawthorn and added Bilberry and Quince to mine key
19.x.2007 Additions to Pine key; one name had not been updated 78 Stigmella incognitella from pomella (on Apple).
03.i.2008 Sallows and Willows key expanded to include Phyllocnistis ramulicola
19.viii.2008 Expansion and modification of Water Avens key
17.x.2008 Expansion and modification of Beech, Birch and Maples and Sycamore keys
31.x.2009 Expansion and modification of Elm, Hop and Pyracantha keys

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