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Ectoedemia caradjai - a new British miner:
I have been sent these photographs by John Langmaid of a very exciting find of a new British leaf miner - Ectoedemia caradjai. The mines were originally found in Devonshire in late August by RJ Heckford, feeding on oak. John and Bob found more last weekend, in early September. Dr Erik van Nieukerken kindly confirmed Bob's initial determination.

John says: 'If people could please keep a look-out for the mines, which are now likely to be vacated, it would be very interesting. We found that they are invariably near the edge of the leaf, are rather like E. albifasciella (which is rarely nearly the edge), but the early mine is more contorted and the mature mine is a good deal bigger. The species appears to be mainly south-eastern European, its previous westernmost locality being south of the Dordogne in France'.

Many thanks to Ian Thirlwell for the photographs

The mines are likely to be vacated now - as shown in the photograph
The early mine is far more contorted than Ectoedemia albifasciella and is close to the leaf edge, as shown. The larva is excavating the blotch.
Images: Ian Thirlwell, 2004
Newsletter of leafmines.co.uk                                                                                             September 2004