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Miners to look out for this season:
1. Lyonetia prunifoliella - a new Dutch miner, will it be rediscovered in Britain?


This miner - not seen in Britain since 1900, was discovered for the first time in Holland, in August 2003 by Jaap Zwier at Ijzevoorde, Gelderland, mining the leaves of Sloe (Prunus spinosa).

The photographs show the corridor mines which widen into a blotch (most of the frass is ejected through semi-circular slits along the edge of the blotch) and also the cocoon, which is fastened under the leaf by long silk threads.

The miner is also found on woody Rosaceous plants and birch.

 Images: Willem Ellis

Further details: www.xs4all.nl/~wnellis/minersf/lepidopteramin/lyonetia/minlyonprun_f/minlyonprun.htm


A new British Agromyzid (Diptera) - Napomyza gymnostoma

I have been asked by Andrew Halstead to clear up any confusion over reporting N.gymnostoma. He says that  'anyone who thinks they may have N.gymnostoma on their leeks, onions or other related plants should report  this to the PHSI.  There are local branches but samples in adequately packaged containers can be sent direct to the PHSI headquarters at Central Science Laboratory, Sand Hutton, York, YO4 1LZ'.

Recent miner articles:
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April 2004