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A New British Leaf Miner - Ectoedemia hannoverella
The original mines were discovered in Suffolk by Jon Clifton and Tony Prichard. Shortly after this
Neil Sherman found the mines on his site, in another part of Suffolk, which they originally thought were the mines of E. turbidella.

This year/winter they have all being trying to rear the mines through from a couple of sites. The mines from Neil's site have emerged and  have been confirmed by gen. det. by Jon Clifton as E. hannoverella - a new British Species. The mines that Tony has from one of the other Suffolk sites has only produced parasites at the moment.

The original discovery was initially reported in a previous newsletter: http://www.leafmines.co.uk/html/newsletter2.htm

This miner is potentially a colonist of both East and West Suffolk and possibly Norfolk, but further imagines will have to emerge to confirm this.

A confusion species is Ectoedemia turbidella and a gen det needs to be done to confirm each species.

 Image:© Rob Edmunds


Cosmopterix pulchrimella (Lep.Cosmopterigidae) is now resident in mainland Britain.

Following Rich Austin's and Peter Costen's discovery of this moth in Guernsey as a miner of Pellitory-of-the-wall (Parietaria  judaica), it has now been discovered in two locations in Cornwall by David Pearman and Phil Sterling :www.cornwallmothgroup.org.uk/newsltrs.htm and also in Dorset by Mark Parsons (see references below).

It has been found in shady locations, as the original findings on Guernsey indicated. Certainly a miner to look for in coastal locations this summer and autumn.

Recent miner articles:
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April 2004