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Parna apicalis (Brischke, 1888)
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larva in mine


Food Plant: Tilia cordata (Small-leaved lime), T. platophyllos, T.americana, T.europea, T.heterophylla, T.mexicana, T.mongolica, T.orbicularis, T.tormentosa

Mine: May

Notes: Formerly Parna reserii. Mine shown is on T.cordata. The larva is a pale brown, with pale brown head. Discovered in the Uk in June 2007 by Keith Palmer. More mines were then confirmed in Cheshire by Steve Hind. Note the pale brown head of the larva in teh mine above.

Data: 21.v.2008, Tunbridge Wells Common, Kent, VC16, Keith Palmer

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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