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20.007 Argyresthia cupressella Walsingham, 1890
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Food Plant: Cupressaceae

Egg: laid on the new leaf tips

Mine: Summer to Spring

Notes: The larvae burrow through the leaves, causing discolouration and eventual die back. The larvae feed through the summer, overwintering, then feeding again in spring. They spin a white cocoon and pupate amongst the leaves. An endemic species on the Western coasts of USA and Canada. It is an adventive species in the UK, first discovered in N.Essex and E.Suffolk in 1997 and now rapidly spreading in the UK. the mines are shown on Chamaecyparis sp.

National Status: Local

Bradley No: 409b

Data: 5.ii.2013, Coypool, Plympton, Devon, VC3, moth emerged 23.iv.2013

Image:© Bob Heckford

Recording category: 2 - Adult moths may be confused with other species.

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