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37.031 Coleophora ahenella Heinemann, [1876]
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cases enlarged by adding pieces of excised epidermis


Food Plant: Rhamnus catharticus (Buckthorn), Frangula alnus (Alder Buckthorn), Viburnum lantana (Wayfaring Tree), Cornus sanguinea (Dogwood), Lonicera spp. (Honeysuckle)

Egg: Laid on the leaf

Mine: Biennial in the UK - August - September; May - June

Notes: It feeds briefly intially and again after over wintering. It then aestivates until Autumn. It makes one case which it enlarges by adding pieces of excised lower epidermis (as shown). It is 5.5 - 7mm long. A very local and rare species in the UK, being recorded in the South. Mine shown on Lonicera xylosyeum

Data: 10.ix.2007, Erkner, Germany

Image:© John Langmaid

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