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4.005 Stigmella betulicola (Stainton, 1856)
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dorsal view of larva
ventral view of larva


Food Plant: Betula (Birch)

Egg: Underside of leaf

Mine: July, September - early November

Notes: The mine is long (usually 3 - 4 cm) and contorted with the mine edges more or less parallel (compare with S.luteella where the edges are scalloped); The larva is yellow, gut-line green, with a small brown spot on the prothorax.  The larva is shown in dorsal (top photo) and ventral view (bottom photo). The ganglia are prominent ventrally (as shown) and the prothoracic spot has a median sulcus. There are often several mines in a leaf. The mines are found frequently on seedlings and small plants.

Data: 20.x.2015, Hull, South-east Yorkshire, VC61

Image:© Barry Warrington

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