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This list has been taken from the 'Hosts of British Leaf-mining insect fauna' (© Brian Pitkin and Colin Plant) and is a precursor to AIDGAP keys to Leaf Miners. Please credit the authors when quoting from this list and email any additions, corrections or comments to Colin Plant.

Populus species:

Col: Isochnus populicola, Ramphus pulicarius
Lep: Caloptilia stigmatella, Gypsonoma dealbana

Populus alba (White Poplar):

Dip: Agromyza albitarsis
Lep: Caloptilia stigmatella, Phyllonorycter comparella, Stigmella assimilella
Hym: Fenusella glaucopis

Populus canescens (Grey Poplar):

Lep: Ectoedemia turbidella, Phyllocnistis xenia, Phyllonorycter comparella, Stigmella assimilella

Populus nigra (Black Poplar):

Dip: Agromyza albitarsis, Aulagromyza populi, Aulagromyza populicola
Lep:Ectoedemia hannoverella, Phyllocnistis unipunctella, Stigmella trimaculella, Phyllonorycter comparella
Hym: Fenusella glaucopis, Fenusella hortulana

Populus tremula (Aspen):

Dip: Agromyza albitarsis, Aulagromyza tremulae
Col: Zeugophora flavicollis, Zeugophora subspinosa, Zeugophora turneri
Lep: Ectoedemia argyropeza, Leucoptera sinuella, Phyllocnistis ramulicola, Phyllonorycter sagitella, Phyllonorycter salicicolella, Phyllonorycter salictella, Stigmella assimilella
Hym: Heterarthrus ochropoda, Fenusella glaucopis

Populus trichocarpa (Black cottonwood)

Lep: Phyllocnistis unipunctella

Populus x canadensis (Italian Poplar):

Lep: Ectoedemia hannoverella

Populus x canadensis Robusta:

Lep:Stigmella trimaculella

Populus x italica (Lombardy Poplar):

Lep: Phyllocnistis unipunctella, Stigmella trimaculella


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